Architect / Interiors

Bellevue Hill Residence

We are here to support your vision. We know that time is precious and builds now days can be complicated and drawn out. Why take on the coordination and responsibility of the Mechanical, Electrical, Hydronic and Audio Video teams when we can do that for you. Our drawings will cover all aspects of the Electrical and Electronic environment. That frees you up to focus on the building with one point of contact for the rest.

Get us in early so we can design and coordinate the right amount of space required to house the systems. We ensure the minimum space is required while offering the most cost effective and efficient locations for cable runs, noise and heat. We follow all the latest requirements so you can be confident changes will not be required in the months to come. 

Save time on drawing changes, coordination of services and be confident your clients will get a great result every time. 

An architect's verdict: "We have been working with AVD Australia over the last four years on a large residential project in Sydney. This project was complicated by the nature of the traditional detailing of the home which then in turn needed to integrate the latest in energy efficient management. The operating system that was recommended and designed by AVD,
Savant. Our clients have pushed this software to control and provide valuable feedback
which has all been programmed by the AVD team. There seems to be no hurdle they are not
willing to conquer and the result is a very intuitive system to operate."