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Everyone wants a successful project free from headaches, delays and cost blowouts. You can hope for it all you like, but in our experience, no amount of hoping beats a meticulously prepared, proven process. Communication, education and preparation are the backbone of every one of our projects. When you plan for everything, there are no surprises. Have a look at how our hard work will benefit you. 

Depending on the role you play in a project, we can assist in different ways. After all, a builder has different requirements to an architect, which differs again from an owner. Below we talk through how we assist in all aspects of a project, and our unique approach with all members involved.

OWNER / Project Manager

Our team of engineers are specialists in everything the Internet of Things (IoT) has to offer. They will ensure perfect harmony between performance and reliability, combined with energy efficiency so you don’t rack up the bills. To find out more click here.

ARCHITECTS / Interiors

Let us deal with the confusion of all electrical and electronic systems on your next project. With our in-house team we product all of the documentation that simplifies the build and coordinates all the mess into structured documentation. To find out more click here.

BUILDER / Developer

If you are developing a single property, or a multi-unit development, and would like to put our powerful team's expertise to work to improve your bottom line - we're at your disposal. To find out more click here

Capabilities Statements

A 'capabilities statement' is a widely used term in the industry, and is often a company's way of explaining what they can do...a company resume as such. At AVD we do this a little differently...graphically. 

They are not often shared with clients, more used as a way of demonstrating a company's distinctive competencies to prospective builders, architects, developers, project managers and other industry professionals.

It also allows us to show those 'unspoken projects', the ones we're not allowed to photograph (for which there have been many). The kinds of clients we usually attract don't particularly love publicity, or having their projects strewn all over the internet. 

At AVD we create capabilities statements for all our projects, as a way for us to talk about what we do in an easy to understand, one page breakdown. While other companies will present it in page form, this is how we reflect on every project. 

To see more capabilities statements, click here

Practical Wow

I hear you asking...what is PRACTICAL WOW?

It's our Newspaper, created by our company with over 30 years experience in integration. Astonishingly, we have calculated that as a company we have over 140 years of combined experience working in the industry...wow!

Practical Wow! is intended to shed light on an industry that does not have a clearly defined role in the world of construction. Are we Engineers, Designers, Electricians, Network Engineers, Integrators or just good old Audio Video guys? 

Over the years several industries have cross-pollinated and in the new world where everything is connected, there hasn’t yet been a term or set of standards put in place that clearly defines who we are. This had led to anyone being able to call themselves a ‘Smart Home Consultant’, a ‘Home Automation Expert’ or basically anything they like.

In Practical Wow! we describe who we are without the title. We are experienced in all aspects of data collection, data management and data control. What does that mean? Well, in Practical Wow! we tell you in a variety of ways so you can choose which way makes sense to you. Ultimately our message is that not all ‘Integrators’ are equal, not all ‘Home Automation Specialists’ can charge the same and not all ‘Smart Homes’ function the way they are supposed to. 

We pride ourselves on knowing when to implement the appropriate technological solution for every occasion. In this instance, we chose the tried and true medium of newsprint. An email would have been easier, but wouldn't have been Practical Wow!

Download here to see more 'Practical Wow'. Have a read and let us know what you think. 

Practical Wow Newspaper by AVD

Practical Wow Newspaper by AVD

Discovery Checklist

Welcome to the wonderful world of systems integration. You’re about to go on a journey that includes fascinating concepts like distribution and demand calculations, control consolidation, sub-circuitry and metering. 

Actually, we’ll take care of that. All you need to do is consider the things you’d like us to explore when we meet face-to-face. We’ll give you some thought starters along with a list of the most requested areas from our recent projects, plus plenty of room to add any features that would complete the picture for you.

Your architect will design your dream home for you. We will help you control every aspect of that dream. Security, entertainment, mood, comfort, utility or luxury: we will design and construct the technological framework that will bring your environment to life.

To help us scope out and plan your project, fill out the details below and check any boxes from the list of popular categories you’d like us to explore for you.

List other areas you would like us to investigate in ‘Additional Details’.

Discovery Checklist

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