Scientists Develop Liquid That Can Store Solar Energy For More Than a Decade by Allie Howard


Solar is often disregarded due to the difficulty surrounding its storage for long periods of time. This could soon be a problem of the past with the creation of a liquid which allows storage of energy for up to 18 years, with the liquid acting as a battery.

Lighting the way: Human centric lighting and its contribution to social sustainability by Allie Howard

The Circadian rhythm is a really interesting discussion often brought up amongst the team at AVD. Technology is ever evolving, and with automation, we are able to manage lighting to influence human mood, support health and wellbeing and aid performance as well as assisting in lighting levels throughout the day and night.

“Light level sensors can also take into account existing daylight levels and adjust luminaire output accordingly, seamlessly facilitating a range of activities according to personal preference or the task at hand.”

Which technologies will underpin the smart cities of the future? by Allie Howard

The future of technology is pretty amazing!

In the so-called smart cities of the future, urban infrastructure will be interconnected; networked devices will be everywhere, from buses and cars to street lamps, all linked to networks via the internet of things (IoT). Roads themselves will be online. Water and power grids will have smart sensors. All this should make our urban spaces more efficient and convenient, less polluted, safer and more liveable.

These Smart Tags Can Convert Everyday Objects Into Smart IoT Devices by Allie Howard

Soon everything will be smart...

"The paper-like printable metal tags function like mirrors to reflect specific signals from a WiFi router when touched.

The recent advancements, however, have taken a step further to expand the capabilities of IoT and showed that printable smart tags can be used on any devices to make them smart."

Samsung 'The Wall' Might Put MicroLED In Homes By Next Year by Allie Howard

The Wall.jpeg

'The Wall' could be closer than we think...

"We were totally blown away when we first saw the Samsung 'The Wall' at CES earlier this year and truthfully nothing has changed about that excitement. The massive 146-inch microLED display was nothing like we have ever seen before and was promised to oust OLED as the king of displays. And I'll be damned if it didn't live up to that hype."

‘A sleeping giant’: Why changing the way we build is key to improving Australian cities by Allie Howard

An interesting read on the future of building, not only in Australia, but world wide. The push to high-density living, needing to build higher and faster than ever before to meet up with surging demand. At the same time, building costs are peaking, leaving us with a need to find alternative construction methods which keep costs down, and reduce waste. 

How can technology adapt to suit this new way of building, and even aid the move towards 'variable spaces'? Integration of technology in prefabricated settings would seem an unattainable vision, as construction takes place off site, leaving little room for movement at the later stages of the build. However, we are able to achieve the same results as onsite construction through forward thinking and meticulous planning. Could pre-fabrication be the future of the industry?

“We need to work out ways to make it more efficient, more productive, to deliver better quality results and keep costs down,” Dr Aitchison told Domain.

AVD Australia takes out the CEDIA Award for 'Best Integrated Home Asia Pacific Level IV'. by Allie Howard

AVD has an exciting announcement:

Last Thursday at the CEDIA Awards night during Integrate week, we took out the prize for 'Best Integrated Home Asia Pacific Level IV'. Wow what an achievement!

For us this was an incredible project, and we're so proud to be able to share it. 

For more info, check out the project here

For more from Cedia, check out the winners here

New Microsoft Azure tech could let smart building operators model the links between people and objects at work by Allie Howard


An article looking at monitoring...really interesting!

“A specific focus with this is, how do you model the relationships between people, places, and devices?” Van Hoof said. Once you’ve established those relationships, it’s much easier to use software to look for better or more efficient ways to set up a building, he said.

How to protect yourself against a Sim Swap Attack by Allie Howard

How to protect against SIM swap attacks (0-00-00-00).jpg

The 'It's never going to happen to me' mindset we all carry a bit of. Think again! What can you do to protect yourself? 

A spate of hacked Instagram accounts. A $220 million lawsuit against AT&T. A bustling underground crime ring. They all have roots in an old problem that has lately found new urgency: SIM card swaps, a scam in which hackers steal your mobile identity—and use it to upend your life.

Foxtel changes TV by introducing Australia’s first 4K channel by Allie Howard


While Netflix and Stan have been streaming 4K video for some time now, Foxtel is getting on the bandwagon for the first time. 

"AUSTRALIANS will finally be able to tune into next-generation TV broadcasts later this year after pay-TV provider Foxtel revealed plans to launch the country’s first 4K channel."

“And from October, Foxtel will launch Australia’s first ever 4K channel.”

“I see growth in televisions based on these 4K broadcasts because people can visually see the difference."

Microsoft's CEO on helping a faded legend find a 'sense of purpose' by Allie Howard


An insight into the mind of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's vision for the company

"One of the things that happens when you're super successful is you sometimes lose touch with what made you successful in the first place.

So if anything I wanted to not talk about what is broken. I wanted to go back to the very genesis of this company. What is that sense of purpose and drive that made us successful? What was the culture that may have been there in the very beginning or in the times when we were able to achieve that success. How do we really capture it? So that's why I think about it as the renaissance as much as about fixing something that's broken."