How to protect yourself against a Sim Swap Attack by Allie Howard

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The 'It's never going to happen to me' mindset we all carry a bit of. Think again! What can you do to protect yourself? 

A spate of hacked Instagram accounts. A $220 million lawsuit against AT&T. A bustling underground crime ring. They all have roots in an old problem that has lately found new urgency: SIM card swaps, a scam in which hackers steal your mobile identity—and use it to upend your life.

Foxtel changes TV by introducing Australia’s first 4K channel by Allie Howard


While Netflix and Stan have been streaming 4K video for some time now, Foxtel is getting on the bandwagon for the first time. 

"AUSTRALIANS will finally be able to tune into next-generation TV broadcasts later this year after pay-TV provider Foxtel revealed plans to launch the country’s first 4K channel."

“And from October, Foxtel will launch Australia’s first ever 4K channel.”

“I see growth in televisions based on these 4K broadcasts because people can visually see the difference."

Microsoft's CEO on helping a faded legend find a 'sense of purpose' by Allie Howard


An insight into the mind of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's vision for the company

"One of the things that happens when you're super successful is you sometimes lose touch with what made you successful in the first place.

So if anything I wanted to not talk about what is broken. I wanted to go back to the very genesis of this company. What is that sense of purpose and drive that made us successful? What was the culture that may have been there in the very beginning or in the times when we were able to achieve that success. How do we really capture it? So that's why I think about it as the renaissance as much as about fixing something that's broken."