Capabilities Statements

A capabilities statement is a widely used term in the industry, and is often a company's way of explaining what they can do...a company resume as such. At AVD we do it a little differently...graphically. They are not often shared with clients, more used as a way of demonstrating a company's distinctive competencies to prospective builders, architects, developers, project managers and other industry professionals.

It also allows us to show those 'unspoken projects', the ones we're not allowed to photograph (for which there have been many). The kinds of clients we usually attract don't particularly love publicity, or having their projects strewn all over the internet. 

When we thank our clients for the project, they'll often reply "Don't mention it". 

At AVD we create capabilities statements for all our projects, as a way for us to talk about what we do in an easy to understand, one page breakdown. While other companies will present it in page form, this is how we reflect on every project.