Darling Harbour Residence | Sydney

Boasting panoramic westerly facing harbour views from its position, this Darling Harbour Residence was a challenge to find the balance between scenery and privacy.

The brief was simple. “Nothing was to be seen. If it was to be used, then it had to be seen in a minimalist form”.

This 620 sq. Metre residence, including four bedrooms/three bathrooms/ two living rooms/home theatre were all to be seamlessly integrated using an easy to use control system.

To overcome the issues of the harsh westerly sun and lack of privacy, two external layers of motorised sun shades where attached to the entire outer floor to ceiling glass walls. These consisted of a set of floor to ceiling vertical louvers and a set of ceiling height pivoting horizontal blades. Internally, floor heating and A/C provided more than adequate climate control comfort.

Programmed into the automation control is clever logic coding combined with energy-efficiency criteria that reacts to the various sensor inputs and initiates all of the motorised devices in harmony. This ensured a near constant internal ambient temperature as per the desired set point temperature, reducing the need for air-conditioning.

Discrete flush mounted speakers were used for the multi-room audio. Motorised lifts were used for the TV’s and a 120 inch motorised front projection screen for the home theatre. All equipment is tucked away out of sight when not in use.

One simple, intuitive in-wall colour touch screen provides:

  • 12 lighting scenes plus all individual lighting zones
  • All motorised devices and HVAC controls
  • Manages the automation of the dynamic internal ambient lighting levels
  • Manages the automation of the external sun shades and louvers
  • Manages the automation of the internal floor heat and air-conditioning
  • Provides weather forecasts and selected news links

Two of the most major challenges were incorporating the 42 inch TV’s into the bedroom ceiling within its motorised dropper and incorporating projector into the vertical A/C locations.