Paddington Residence | Sydney

What began as an old warehouse located in the inner-eastern suburbs of Sydney, ended up as a five-storey luxury residence with 900 sq. metres of living space. The brief: “ensure all electronic architecture and components are totally hidden, the systems is simple to operate, and can automatically control the climate of the residence”.

The 900 sq. metre residence, encompassing: six bedrooms/five bathrooms/two studies/3 living areas/four outdoor spaces/one pool/library/underground cellar/ lift/games room/large garage/bar area/and large mechanical roof was all seamlessly integrated using an easy to control system, with smart technology used to automatically control the internal climate.

Five storeys high, the converted warehouse dwelling has been specifically designed to reduce power consumption and optimise efficiency. Incorporating individual best-of-breed control systems dedicated to lighting/audio-visual/temperature/and security, the integrated home automation system provides the occupant with the highest level of control available. 

The challenge was scale of the project. Architecturally impressive, the energy-efficient residence has been built around a central atrium that spans all the five floors and features a motorised glass roof. The roof automatically opens and closes depending on external climatic conditions and internal temperature, while also allowing natural light to enter the building.

Changes to the roof and louvre positions are triggered by a network of temperature sensors throughout the home's 30 conditioned zones. A sophisticated air-circulation system takes hot air from the top of the building, and distributes it to the cooler areas of the residence. This keeps the premises at a constant temperature 24 hours a day. 

Awarded 'Winner of the AMX Best Projects Award'

As well as this, lighting levels and therefore power consumption is monitored, and censored depending on the natural light levels in the property. To achieve this level of functionality, the system consists of 139 custom designed screens, with approximately 12 being used on a daily basis to operate the premises.

Unique to this residence is a cellar cut out of the natural sandstone bedrock located under the footpath of the street above. This natural grotto is perfect for storing wine as it requires no artificial ventilation or cooling to maintain temperatures as the rock face is always damp. Excess water is collected in a well and pumped out into the water collection tanks and used to water the gardens. Low temperature lighting has also been used so as not to increase the humidity in the room.


Our clients verdict: “The way in which we are able to maintain a constant level of air temperature throughout the house with electronic and motorised devices, means we hardly ever have the need for our ducted air-conditioning system. Remarkable, due to the intricate way AVD has designed the advanced level of integration of all the products, this all happens with very little input from us. A truly energy-efficient home!”