‘A sleeping giant’: Why changing the way we build is key to improving Australian cities by Allie Howard

An interesting read on the future of building, not only in Australia, but world wide. The push to high-density living, needing to build higher and faster than ever before to meet up with surging demand. At the same time, building costs are peaking, leaving us with a need to find alternative construction methods which keep costs down, and reduce waste. 

How can technology adapt to suit this new way of building, and even aid the move towards 'variable spaces'? Integration of technology in prefabricated settings would seem an unattainable vision, as construction takes place off site, leaving little room for movement at the later stages of the build. However, we are able to achieve the same results as onsite construction through forward thinking and meticulous planning. Could pre-fabrication be the future of the industry?

“We need to work out ways to make it more efficient, more productive, to deliver better quality results and keep costs down,” Dr Aitchison told Domain.

AVD Australia takes out the CEDIA Award for 'Best Integrated Home Asia Pacific Level IV'. by Allie Howard

AVD has an exciting announcement:

Last Thursday at the CEDIA Awards night during Integrate week, we took out the prize for 'Best Integrated Home Asia Pacific Level IV'. Wow what an achievement!

For us this was an incredible project, and we're so proud to be able to share it. 

For more info, check out the project here

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